The best countries for a winter vacation

Everybody dreams of the perfect vacation day, sometimes when it’s freezing outside. We’re happy to tell you that any time of year can be vacation time. Don’t let the cold stop you!

Here are a few examples of perfect vacation spots during snow days:


Sometimes the cold and snow can be relaxing. We can all still find joy in playing in the snow. Well, Canada is a chilly country; but they have so many fun things to do!

If you want to go sightseeing, be prepared to have your breath taken away by the views in Canada. Between the beautiful mountains during the day and the colorful Northern Lights at night, you will not be disappointed.

If you’re looking more into fun activities, there’s something for you too! Between snowboarding, skiing, sledding, ice skating and much, much more, you will never get bored in Canada. You can even take your dog along and let them have fun with a doggy sleigh ride!

The possibilities may be cold in Canada, but they are definitely endless.


If you’re on the hunt for a sunnier vacation, New Zealand may be for you. If you enjoy nature then you will love the glorious country that is New Zealand.

In New Zealand, you will experience never-ending Summer; so leave your winter coats at home and bring your tank tops and shorts!

There are also plenty of activities to do here. A few of these activities include but are not limited to hiking, kayaking, exploring caves, and simply sightseeing at their national parks.


Switzerland is pretty similar to Canada when it comes to temperature and activity. You can definitely expect to endure some cold weather and plenty of snow. However, there are also lots of things you can do such as snowboarding, skiing, and enjoying their very own original traditions!

As long as you enjoy the snow, you’ll definitely have an amazing time in the country of Switzerland.


Ah, yes. Last but definitely not least, the third largest island Jamaica. For starters, knowing that you’re far from all of your troubles out on an island is a reason for anybody to enjoy themselves.

Jamaica is enclosed by the beautiful ocean, so you can just kick back in the sand, enjoy a margarita, and look out into the endlessly clear waters. It’s an amazing way to clear your mind and feel true peace.

Even better, if you are reading this then you plan on vacationing during the Winter. Well, we’re glad to tell you that the cold months are actually the best times to visit this glorious island. The climate stays around 80 degrees and is much more dry this time of year, so storms and rain are much less likely to occur while you’re enjoying your time on the island.

So, where are you going to visit for your Wintertime vacation?