Things you didn’t know about avocado


The avocado is a fruit that has gotten lots of attention over the past couple of years. This superfood is now all around us. Avocado is taking the place of protein shakes and kale. There is some information about avocados that you need to know.


A lot of work goes into getting the avocado to the store. They grow on trees so 16 foot poles are used to get them down. There are clippers at the end of the pole that is used to cut them from the tree. There is a lot of time and labor that goes into growing the avocado. This is why they cost more than other fruits and vegetables. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into growing the avocado and that only adds to the mystery of this.


Avocados grow in pairs. They are not able to self pollinate and they need the help from another tree to produce the fruit. To grow they need to have another plant that is close by. The Aztecs believe that the avocado represents love and fertility. While we may not think o them as romantic they do need a partner to grow. The green color may not be the traditional color of love but the avocado is all about being close.

They are a berry

There have been some debates over what type of food an avocado really is. The common debate is whether this is a fruit or a vegetable. They are neither. The avocado is a berry. They may not look like a berry but they do fit the classification. They fit all of the things that are needed to be considered a berry. Both the fruit and vegetables people were wrong when it came to this.


There are many uses for an avocado. They can be spread like butter once they have been baked. The texture and the creaminess of this fruit are great for adding some flavor to the meal. They are full of healthy fats which is why people like to use them to replace butter and even mayonnaise. They still provide the creamy texture.

There are many uses for the avocado. They are a berry under that thick skin. All that counts if they are full of many health benefits and the taste good. Now that you have that information you can go ahead and have a snack.