5 Steps To Start Your Fitness Journey

You are living in an era of information technology where everything is just a click away! It’s important that you focus on your fitness journey and don’t fall prey to a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s possible that you might be working 9-5 or maybe from the comfort of your home! Your job might require you to sit in front of your computer screen. But, what about your fitness.

Let’s discuss how you can start your fitness journey.

Steps To Initiate Your Fitness Journey

Below are 5 steps to help you start your fitness journey.

Step #1: Determine How Fit You Currently Are

It’s important that you know whether you would call yourself a healthy person or not.

Consider the following:

  • Find your Body Mass Index as knowing it would help you know whether you are overweight, underweight, or healthy!
  • Take body measurements.
  • how many miles you walk in a day.
  • if exercise is an important part of your routine or not.
  • what you are eating in a day.
  • And many more!

You have to sit down with yourself and consider all the above-mentioned points plus a lot more. Doing so can help you understand your fitness level.

Step #2: Make A Fitness Goal

After you determine how fit you currently are, the next step is to develop a fitness goal for yourself! Based on what you can easily follow, it would be easy for you to make a fitness goal.

Consider the following:

  • Start slow!
  • Walking can be easy for you! You can start with 1 mile and then gradually increase for up to 5 miles in a day.
  • start consuming healthy food.
  • You can give yourself 30 minutes a day and then increase it slowly!

The above-mentioned points are just the guidelines. You can do a lot more. It depends on what works best for you! You can be the best judge for yourself.

Step #3: Gather Relevant Fitness Items

Sometimes to motivate yourself, you can gather the relevant equipment. There are many fitness products available on the market.

Consider the following:

You can get :

  1.  affordable athletic shoes.
  2. a nice water bottle.
  3. a fitness app.
  4. equipment suitable for home exercises.

If joining a fitness center can motivate you to start a fitness journey then why not! It all comes down to what makes you happy and motivated.

Step #4: Take Action

The next step after all the planning and gathering relevant items involves taking an action. There’s no point in planning if you are not ready to take an action.

Consider the following:

  • Be flexible in your schedule (especially in the beginning).
  • Break your SMART goals into smaller goals.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Take a day or two off, if you feel like.

In fact, you can consult your doctor or fitness coach (if any) and see what works best for your body. If there is someone to guide you, it would become a lot easier to manage the whole situation. Or you can plan your journey with a fitness buddy!

Step #5: Keep An Eye On Your Fitness Journey Progress

It’s important to see if you are able to follow the fitness journey or not. Based on the results, you would know where you stand.

  • Don’t lose hope if you don’t achieve your goals. At least, you tried!
  • Reward yourself if your progress is great.
  • Evaluate the results every few weeks or months.

Wrapping It Up

In 5 simple steps, you can start your fitness journey! All it takes is to start. As they say, sometimes the first step is the hardest! Just start. Start now!!