Foods You Should Never Eat on a Plane

Airplane food is typically not the best. Sometimes the restaurants inside the airport offer better options. However, trying to decide what to eat before a flight can be tricky. Below we go more in-depth about foods you should never eat on a plane.

The Water

For starters, if you are warned about drinking the water then listen. There are reasons why you are told to not drink the water. The tanks that the tap water is in could possibly contain a lot of bacteria. The tanks only get one annual cleaning. Coliform is a bacteria known to be in feces. After the cleanings of the tank, twelve percent of commercial airplanes tested positive for containing coliform. Choose bottle water over tap water when on a flight.

Hot Beverages

The hot beverages provided on flights oftentimes made with the same tap water found in the tanks. If you think coffee and tea are safe options, then think again. You can contract the coliform this way as well. It’s best to pick up a hot beverage at the airport before boarding the flight.

Airplane Food

High elevation affects our taste buds. This could be why airplane food tastes different than other foods. Sweet and salty flavors carry a different taste when up in the air. Sometimes the meals prepared on flights overly cooked and reheated several times. This can definitely affect the overall taste. Who wants mushy pasta? It’s best to buy your food ahead of time. It has advised by one of the greatest late chefs Anthony Bourdain that “No one has ever felt better after eating airplane food.”