5 Fitness tips for a busy schedule

Modern-day life is hectic and never-ending; we are well aware that if we upped our exercise regimes it would make us feel better, but we just can’t seem to fit training in. So, what’s the solution that will allow us to break this cycle? We see other people around us finding time to get active, so why not us? In this article, we are going to share some life hacks that will make finding time to exercise easier. Pre-emptive action and forward-planning can both go a long way, and you will soon be able to enjoy life more than before when you follow our simple guidelines that can be adapted to almost anyone’s situation.

Walk wherever you Can and Take the Stairwell

At work, it’s far too easy to take the elevator, even if it’s actually slower. So, in any building you visit where there is a staircase, take the stairs and avoid using the elevator. This may seem like a little effort, but when you implement it, you will be improving your overall levels of fitness over time.

Ankle Weights

Another great way to build up endurance, and to burn calories, is to strap ankle weights on during your working day. Start with small ankles weights and when these become easy, make small but steady increments. Improving your overall performance and fitness means that you will constantly and continually be testing yourself. Failure to do this will mean that you always remain the same.

Ensure HIIT Training is Included in your Plan

High-Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardio exercise that conducted over only short or very short periods. HIIT ensures that during these short periods you are working out to your max. HIIT sessions average less than 20 minutes and you will be able to incorporate all your favorite sports or exercises.

Use your Bicycle to Get to Work

Biking to your place of work will enhance your brain function, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and will reduce your carbon footprint. If your place of work is less than five miles from your home, this is not just a feasible way to exercise, but a great way to get your daily dose without having to find extra time.

Bulk Batch your Meals

If you find yourself saying you don’t have time to eat, it’s rather akin to saying you don’t have time to sleep. It’s not healthy and it’s not feasible to do deprive your body of sleep or food for extended periods of time. A healthy person actually benefits more when he eats four times a day, rather than the old method of eating breakfast, lunch, and then an evening meal.

When you eat a minimum of 4 times a day, your body will enjoy healthier blood sugar levels, meaning you won’t be prone to crashes, and your concentration will be higher. When you batch cook, you won’t need to spend as much time in the kitchen. Simply prep and pack the meals you will need to take with you to work. If you really can’t find enough time to bulk cook, use a food prep service.

When it comes to finding time to exercise due to a busy schedule, you should make time to assess when you are wasting time. A great way to do this is to write down your current schedule and to make an assessment of what you really need to do and what you can filter out. Living a busy life is hectic, so it is important to look after your body. You may like to get members of your family to support you or alternatively your colleagues at work.