5 Most Expensive Dishes in the World

expensive foods in the world

Everyone knows that some dishes are going to cost more than others. These global restaurants have taken high prices to a new level. Get your wallet ready to read about some of the highest prices prepared dishes around this world.

#1-Fleurburger 5000 costs $5,000

This burger can found at Fleur in Vegas, Navada. It is made using Wagyu beef and covered with both foie gras and truffles.

#2-Beluga Almas Caviar costs $9,884

This is a restaurant in Dubai that will serve Almas caviar. This is very caviar. Its served with a 24 karat gold cigar that alone costs $422. All of the remaining costs are from the food.

#3-Louis XIII Pizza costs $12,000

This pizza made at Renato Viola. It contains three types of caviar, seven cheese, and lobster delivered from Norway.

#4-Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence costs $14,500

This is found at Sri Lanka Fortress Resort and Spa. is a very high priced dessert. There is homemade chocolate, a gold leaf, and a sauce made with Champagne. This dish includes an 80 karat aquamarine stone that adds a nice touch of class.

#5-Grand Velas Taco costing $25,000

A taco in Mexico known for being inexpensive. Mexico is also home to the most expensive taco around. This taco served at Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort. Its made using Kobe beef, Beluga caviar, and has a truffle Brie cheese.

If you have been looking for some most high-priced foods then you can always take out a second mortgage on your home to check out these dishes. You will always remember you ate one of the food dishes from all over the world that cost a lot of money.