Is chicken soup really good for the cold?

chicken soup

For many people, coming down with a cold is their worst nightmare. No matter how much we try, it just can’t be avoided. With no real cure to be found, many turns to old tricks that are supposed to help us beat the common cold, and the most prevalent of these is as simple as chicken soup. The question is whether or not it really works. Could something as simple as chicken soup really be the cure we’ve been looking for all along?

cilia function

There is some evidence that the humble chicken soup can not only help us beat a cold, but it can help prevent catching a cold in the first place! Back in 1998, one study found that chicken soup helps to improve cilia function. cilia is the small hair in our nose that acts as a barrier against unwanted particles, such as germs.

We have a natural defense against illness, known as the immune system. However, when our immune system is working to help us, we need some extra fuel to help us keep going. Chicken soup is an excellent source of calories and nutrition that helps keep things running. It’s also easy to digest which is always great when we’re already feeling under the weather.

The broth

The broth found in chicken soup often made with bones, which has multiple effects and releases several nutrients into the broth. These bones impart things such as chondroitin, glucosamine, and gelatine into the broth, which is then used by our bodies to help repair damaged tissues. As tissues are repaired, the inflammation that comes with a cold is reduced.

One of the worst things about having a cold is feeling congested. As hard as congestion is to ignore, it looks like chicken soup might just come to the rescue. Carnosine, which known to help with congestion, is heavily prevalent in chicken. Carnosine believed to help stop white blood cells from migrating to our respiratory tract. Limiting how many white blood cells make it to the respiratory tract helps to reduce inflammation and relieve congestion.

The chicken itself is not the only thing that helps to boost our immune system. Other common ingredients, such as carrots, onion, and garlic, can all help to give our immune system a much-needed boost when we catch a cold. These things packed full of nutrients like sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium, and are easy for most people to digest no matter how sick they are.