Everything You Need to Know About Bubble Tea From Taiwan

Bubble Tea

You may have heard of bubble tea. It is becoming more familiar. Tea shops are popping up around the country that specializes in this form of tea. Everything you need to know about bubble tea is written below to help you better understand this popular type of tea.

Other Names

Bubble tea has a few different names. Black pearl or boba are names that can be interchangeable with bubble tea. The black balls at the bottom of the tea is what gives it its name. Sometimes these balls are made from fruit jelly. Fruit jelly balls have become more common in recent times.

The Origins

A mixologist created bubble tea in Taiwan in 1940. In 1986, businessman Tu Tsong He put tapioca balls in his tea. There have been many people who have played a role in bringing bubble tea to the masses. Lin Hsui Hui said to have also played a role in the origins of bubble tea. She says she brought this tea to a business meeting introduced it to the world then. A decade long dispute led a ruling been announced that anyone could make or sell bubble tea.

The Taste

The taste of bubble tea is one of a kind. Modern bubble tea makers play around with a variety of flavors. Still, the traditional drink is made with quality tea. Bubble tea may just have a lot of longevity. By 2027, it is expected that the bubble tea industry will be worth $4.3 billion dollars.