3 Ways to Change Your Look

Changing your look is sometimes necessary, but even when it is, it’s often both fun and more complicated than it may seem. Most people don’t consider how much would have to be done to completely change how they look. However, there are many ways to achieve this, but how?

Change Your Complexion

This tip may seem absurd or even impossible. However, it’s often a bit necessary, or at least a definite bonus when it comes to changing how you look. Depending on your complexion, this isn’t always easy. This is however easier if you have a light or fair complexion, since adding color is always easier than taking it away. Play around with different makeup styles and colors. You may also wish to look into contouring your face to appear different than it is. A lot could be done with makeup, no matter which tone your natural complexion is. The complexion is a bigger identifying factor than most would believe, which is why changing it is a great way to change your overall look as well.

Change Your Hair

Hair has been seen as a crucial point of identity for many people throughout the ages. Hair is also one of the easiest ways to express yourself and is often a major identifier of how or what we look like. Because of this, changing your hair is a great way to change your overall look. This can be done by styling or parting your hair differently. If you’re willing to put more into the change, a new color is also a great way to change your hair, which in turn will help change your overall look. Take some time to consider which hairstyles and colors would look different, but still good for your overall style and features. Play around with different styles and colors, and do have fun.

Change Your Body

The body is perhaps the biggest identifier beyond face structure and features. Because of this, if you want to really change your look, you may want to look into changing your body, as best as you possibly can. This may include simple things like your posture or how you carry yourself and can include more drastic measures such as weight loss or gain, depending on where you like to sit most regarding your body composition. Putting on extra muscle may also drastically alter your look. Adding muscle may also help your face look different, as will losing weight, helping your overlook change even more drastically. Take some time to consider how you want to look, and then put in the work to get there.

Changing your look isn’t always easy, but whatever your reason, it’s probably worth it. Take time to consider not only what will help your look change, but what will help your look change to something which you’re comfortable with and enjoy. Different doesn’t always mean better, so be sure to evaluate not only the difference but your preference as well. Most importantly, have fun with this process and express yourself!